BRIDGET Yoga Grip Sock


Meet Bridget, a grip sock designed to make you feel good even if your polish has left you less enthusiastic or if your preference is to have every toenail under wraps. 

Devised to wrap the bottom of your foot, our ultra light socks are designed with quality elastic trim and a silicon grip. On the ground, mat or reformer bar TABINIX grip socks will give you the traction and stability you need to dig a little deeper or hold that pose a little longer. We honestly believe a little bit of happiness can be achieved from beautifully wrapped feet, even in the studio getting your sweat on! 

PLEASE NOTE: Our ultra light closed toe grip socks are made for light activities like Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Reformer. We do not recommend running, jumping, mountain climber etc type of activities in them, in order to prolong the life of these delicate socks.   The anti slip grip allows you to hold steady poses while protecting your feet from full contact from the floor.  


Comfortably fits women shoe sizes 7-11
Combination on Cotton, Nylon and Spandex.
Machine wash inside out in delicate cycle. 
Line dry. Do not bleach or iron.