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13" WINE Booty Band - Strong Resistance


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Medium 13 " Booty Band: Recommended for body weight under 160 lbs 
Large 15" Booty Band: Recommended for body weight over 160 lbs
3" WIDE made of soft cotton and strong elastic
WINE Booty Band is 13" STRONG Resistance  
Machine Washable: cold water, dry on delicate. Do not bleach.

TABINIX fabric resistance booty bands are a combination of high quality cotton fabric and elastic resistance grip. The 3” width of the band along with the skin friendly thick fabric/elastic blend prevents TABINIX bands from rolling, slipping or pinching. Our bands will eliminate that “biting” feeling that comes when latex or rubber resistance bands dig into your skin, and will stop the need for you to re-adjust or unroll it during a set.

TABINIX booty bands bands will take your workout to a whole new level. Developed to retain constant tension and grip even when doing the most challenging of workouts, TABINIX bands stay in place allowing you to target specific muscles. Comfortable and supporting; trust us, they eradicate all “workout cheating”.


  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Your Gluteus Maximus will never be higher, firmer and rounder. I can say from experience that the results to my bottom end from the combination of barre classes and loop bands shocked me. It was this knowledge that drove me to find a better alternative to latex or rubber resistance bands.
  • Not limited to the booty, TABINIX loop bands are ideal for Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Sports Training, Lifting, P90X; as well as, home and travel workouts.
  • Determined by the exercises given to you by your Physical Therapist the TABINIX loop band may be a suitable for your rehab toolkit.