I took a few years off from working out to have two kids 18 months apart. After almost 3 years I finally got myself back into the gym. I’m not sure if it was the gorgeous space, the hundreds of micro movements that made every inch of me burn or how I literally saw my body shape transform but I became obsessed with barre.

I quickly found that I really preferred wearing grip socks. Socks allowed me to hold my positions longer and made me feel more secure in my movements. When my hunt for the perfect pair went unsuccessful I decided to design my own.  I wanted more then function; I wanted them to be cute- for my feet to feel good when the rest of me was in desperate need of repair. After months of designs, samples, and testing I found the perfect fit that made my feet feel sexy.

Weather your burn belongs to Barre, Yoga, Pilates, TRX, martial arts or any other workout form WE HAVE A GRIP FOR THAT.

Our toeless socks are light weight and designed to comfortably hug your foot. The silicone nonslip grip combined with the natural grip of your toes, allow you to hold the most difficult positions, poses and movements. While the elegant sleek V design will make you happy every time you spot your beautiful feet in a workout. Offered in one size, fitting women sizes 6-9.

 Our full-toed socks are a mix of beauty and function. Weather you like the hygienic alternative to practicing barefoot, are overdue for a pedicure or need to travel without a mat these are a stunning alternative to the traditional yoga sock. Our full-toed socks ensure nonslip grips for secure foot placement during all practises.

My dream is to show my kids that you can do anything - and mine is to build a career for myself working around my families schedules. I LOVE this industry and I hope create something that brings others joy as well.  

Please feel free to show me how much your feet love on Instagram, as a small start up company every mention counts. Any comments, concerns or pictures of you enoying our products, please don't hesitate to email me at jackie@tabinix.com   Thank-you so much for the visit. 



Jackie Gayford